I wonder as I wander

I’ve lived in nondescript subdivisions (beige house, beige house, beige house, lather, rinse, repeat) for most of my adult life. The sameness of my surroundings was like an aerobic workout for my imagination as I worked to notice each difference (Look! Red shutters!) and imagined what life inside each house might be like when I’d walk the neighborhood. The town in which we’re now living is full of history. I enjoy the variety and charm of the homes here, but it is still the quirky little details I see that gives my imagination a workout. Here are a few random shots from my morning’s walk to the bank and grocery store.


Nothing says “No Tresspasing” more effectively than a concrete hawk, the pit bull of statuary.














Bird-watchers paradise: the rare blue tin chicken in repose.














If this house doesn’t say “Once Upon A Time” AND “Happily Ever After”, I don’t know what does.




I wonder if these are going the way of the phone booth.














The owners invite patrons to vote for the next movie they’ll show at this ancient theater, which first opened for business in 1927.






One uninhabitable house, a hiccup in this other-wise tidy neighborhood, is surrounded with piles of folding chairs, broken Little Tykes toys, wadded up mounds of bubble wrap and angry hoards of coat hangers rusted in a permanent embrace. This box of remotes was parked at the edge of the chaos. Will there be a “Happily Ever After” for the person or family who lived here before the city evicted them?

















Just like Johnny Cash, I walk the (county) line.




Why not take a few pictures the next time you go for that familiar walk around your neighborhood, and share what you see and wonder. I’d love to see `em!


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3 thoughts on “I wonder as I wander”

  1. Michelle, those snapshots and your descriptions made me want to take a stroll through your neighborhood. If we lived nearby, my wife and I would be meeting up for evening walks with you folks all the time.


    P.S. Lovely turn of phrase here: “angry hoards of coat hangers rusted in a permanent embrace”. Visual vividly delivered, Michelle.

  2. Each pic reminded me of our walk together! Except for the remotes. are those new or did you just fail to point them out?!! Thanks for taking me on a tour of the neighborhood…

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