✔️   You have a partially-completed writing project and you’re stuck. You need a veteran writing coach to guide you and your project toward the finish line.

✔️   You have a completed writing project and need an experienced editor to give you clear, specific guidance you can use to polish your work.  

✔️   You have a revised writing project that needs a skilled proofreader to make sure it is letter-perfect and ready for prime time.

No matter where you are in the writing process, I can help you transform your words. 

I’ve served as a writing coach for both teens and adults, done a wide variety of freelance editorial work for individuals who’ve self-published as well as for those seeking a home in traditional publishing, and love playing a role in ensuring an author’s words communicate with freshness and clarity. 


Coaching: Working with you to clarify your writing goals, focus your message, and help you better connect with your audience. $50/hour

Critique services: Honest, detailed assessment of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Sample (first 10 pages): $40
  • Partial (first 50 pages): $175 

Editorial services: 

  • Developmental edit – A clear, detailed review of your manuscript offering guidance you can use to revise and polish your work: $50/hour
  • Line edit – A line-by-line review of your manuscript, focusing on every aspect of your work from content to grammar: $45/hour
  • Proofreading – A final review of your manuscript, ensuring that every semi-colon is in place, your footnotes are formatted properly, and your words shine: $40/hour

For references and/or to inquire about pricing for your unique project, click here to contact me.