File under: The More Things Change…

Circa 1985. It is a journal entry. Apparently, I walked out of a women’s Bible study that morning.

The same sort of stuff I wrote about in this rant still bugs me today. Either I haven’t matured much in the last 27 years, or I was onto something.

Or both.

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3 thoughts on “File under: The More Things Change…”

  1. You are as gutsy now as you were then, maybe even more so. You are so real about it too!

  2. I’ll tell you what Michelle, if this is a sign that you haven’t matured much in the last 27 years then neither have I! Actually, walking out of stuff like this is what I consider a sign of discerning maturity. So you were actually wise beyond your years or, as you put it, you were onto something. At least I hope you were, since I find myself walking out of stuff more as I get older.

    Right there with you.


  3. It’s wonderfully freeing to say no to something lesser or unhealthy in pursuit of God. Thanks, Tim and M~. You blessed me with your words.

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