The more things change…


John Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, IL (1976)

A few observations:

(1) This was the last time I let my hair go wild and free, Jew-fro style, until I kicked my blow-drying addiction last summer.

(2) Those Levis look as though they might fall right off of me.

(3) The yearbook photog caught me in an unfortunate sneer, but I was smiling on the inside. Seriously.

(4) I was giving a speech about Jesus and the Passover. I didn’t know a whole lot about either one, but I was pretty darn excited as a Jewish person to tell my classmates what I was learning about Jesus even though I hated public speaking back then.

(5) I am still the same person, motivated by the same passions. I’m still Michelle trying to tell others about Jesus.

(6) I am not the same person. It would be pretty terrible to be the same at 52 that I was at 16. At least some of life’s lessons and God’s pruning have had their effect in my life.

(7) Today: I like public speaking. I have discovered that the right hair product and a dose of confidence can change a ‘fro into a mass of curlz. And the information I heard back then that God is faithful has become internalized in me. Those words are no longer information on a page or a radio sermon, but have become my living experience.

Pretty groovy, huh?




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7 thoughts on “The more things change…”

  1. LOVE this! (But you look way cooler in the 70’s than I did at this stage in the 80’s!)

  2. I’ve learned many things since I was 16 years old but the one thing I continually learn is that when you believe the least in God’s existence is when he does the most for you.

  3. Michelle, I love this! Funny–the first time I saw your profile picture, I was struck by how much you look like my mom. And this picture seriously could have been her–she had a “Jew-fro” (love the phrase!) too in the 70’s. (She’s not Jewish, but definitely had the ‘do!) I’m seriously wishing I had an old picture of her on my computer right now–then you could see why I can’t look at your profile without thinking of my mom. 🙂

  4. Nancy – I agree. My periods of doubt, depression, and deep grief (sometimes combined into a triple-strength brew – my tears have become my food night and day, as the psalmist lamented) have left me powerless and without even the tiniest flicker of hope. And still, in spite of it all, and not because I bring much of anything to the table, God is still at work. Faithful, indeed.

  5. Jenny, I hope the resemblance is a happy one for you. 🙂

  6. Michelle, great post and picture! I particularly liked points #5 and 7.

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