Lord, please hear my prayer

Perhaps it is a sign of the times. This month, instead of Christmas carols, I’ve heard minor key songs of lament from so many people I know. I am powerless to do much to alleviate most of the suffering around me. I want to be present, to be honest about my own similarly-broken state, and to be ready to share the comfort and provision God has given to me.

And being fully present in the lives of those who hurt means that I plead with God for the needs of every one of us:

Immanuel, God-With-Us, I ask you to make your presence known to those who are lonely. 

Lord, please hear my prayer.

You who have healing in your wings, bring your re-creation to those who are ill and suffering. 

Lord, please hear my prayer.

Owner of the cattle on ten thousand hills, provide daily bread for those who are hungry.

Lord, please hear my prayer.

Patient Father, keep company with those whose prodigals are in a distant land – or are living under the same roof.

Lord, please hear my prayer.

Shepherd who leaves the 99 to track a single lost sheep, pursue and reclaim the one on the run.

Lord, please hear my prayer.  

God of Abraham, Samuel and John the Baptizer, you who made their childless mamas sing, bring new life into empty arms at this season.

Lord, please hear my prayer.

Deliverer, bring freedom to those who are imprisoned. 

Lord, please hear my prayer.

You who were unjustly accused, beaten and crucified, strengthen those being persecuted because they wear your Name. 

Lord, please hear my prayer.

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, it is for your sake and in your holy Name that I ask these things.

Nothing is impossible for you.





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