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I’ve avoided the genre like smallpox, but in recent years, a few crossover hits have captured my imagination. And that Mad Magazine coverboy, also known as American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, got me to thinkin’ ’bout tryin’ the Country Music for the first time. (!) I challenged myself to give country a chance for a month.

I’m almost done with my 30-day challenge period wherein I listen to pop-hit country US99 in the car when I drive. There are a few songs that I simply can not stomach as a newbie country music listener (like this one), but for the most part, I think I might be getting hooked, at least a little bit. I like the storytelling aspect of the music, and there are bonus points because I don’t feel quite as slimy as I do when listening to certain autotuned pop stars who shall remain naLAmeDYleGAssGA.

I’m a word girl, so I have collected a vocabulary list from the songs I’ve heard in heavy rotation on the radio station. Country music fans, can you name the current song and artist where each of these words are found? 

1. Porch
2. Critter
3. Piece o’ wire
4. Mama
5. Daddy
6. Beer
7. Whiskey
8. Tractor
9. Coon dog
10. Conway Twitty

*I know, I know. Some of these words are in thousands of country songs. Seriously. Beer? Whiskey?Just do your best with what’s on the current charts
**And yes, some of these words come from the same song. 
***Yes, yes, I do find myself wondering what a nice Jewish suburban Chicago girl like me is doing listening to a song with the words “Coon dog” in it. Thanks for asking.
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2 thoughts on “Country music words quiz”

  1. I've never given US99 a 30-day trial, but when we were in Nashville in March, we enjoyed most music we heard. A lot of lyrics show love of God and country. Many were sweet human love songs. I sure don't remember any piece o' wire or coon dog, though I do recall one about a trailer park. Have you developed any favorite singers or songs during your 30-day trial?

  2. Way too soon to have a favorite, but I do like the songs "You Lie" by The Band Perry, and Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee".

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