Jam-packed 24 hours/Day 1

I’ve been here in Jerusalem for 24 hours or so, and here’s what I’ve experienced so far:

I didn’t take this picture, but this is pretty much the scene that greeted me.
– An angry mob of about 80-100 ultra-Orthodox Jews standing at an intersection about a half a block from the guest house where I’m staying. Apparently, they camp out there on Saturday afternoons and yell at cars and non-Orthodox pedestrians for violating the Shabbat rules. Occasionally, these noisy protests have become violent, though these incidents are infrequent. But I’ll tell you, I did have a few moments of fear as I tried to wheel my suitcases into the courtyard of the guest house without drawing their attention. Here’s what went through my mind: “I am an obviously Jewish woman, dressed immodestly by tzniut standards, dragging luggage into a church building on a Saturday. Uh oh. Help!” Thankfully, they were too busy screaming and chanting to notice me – and perhaps God shielded me from their sight. The experience certainly got my adrenaline flowing after the long flight here.

– Hit the Mehane Yehuda market this morning. It was fun choosing some cheese, almonds, tomatoes, and some pickled baby eggplant to have on hand for meals during the next few days. It is so easy to eat healthy here! 

– Spent the day working in the new Caspari Center library. I did a lot of label cutting and binder organizing, which wouldn’t necessarily be the most fascinating thing to do here in Jerusalem, except that inside those binders is a living history of most every news story that has anything to do with Jewish believers as well as the Church in the land since Caspari came into existence three decades ago. It is a fascinating archive that has a bit of a scribe’s feel to it – not in terms of accurately capturing the Word of God, but of tracking evidence of God’s work here in Israel. I came here this week to help out, and I’m glad I was able to get started today. 

– Visited the largest evangelical/Charismatic congregation in Jerusalem for their English language services tonight. It was wonderful to worship God together with other believers from all over the world, and it really is something to hear a Bible place name in a message – and realize that that place is ten minutes away. I hope to spend a bit of time at the church’s prayer room later this week.

-I’m looking forward to having my husband here at the week’s end. He’ll be here for the Caspari board meeting, and we’ll get a chance to do a bit of sightseeing as well. 

I value your continued prayers for this land, as well as for my family and I.

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2 thoughts on “Jam-packed 24 hours/Day 1”

  1. Michelle, I'm glad you arrived safely. Your post reminds me that one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. How's your knee?

  2. Colorful, less swollen, and functional. 🙂

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