If it’s good enough for Oprah…

        An energetic blogger I follow put together a list of favorite things, a la The First Lady Of All Media, Oprah. Both women’s lists got me thinking about what I might include in my imaginary Michelle’s Swag Bag, 2010 version.

Leonard Sweet’s book will change the way you think about symbols and stories – your life and God’s message. Every sentence is a revelation.

Purple Birkenstocks! How fun is this?
Though I don’t read much fiction, this book stayed with me for days after I read it. Bravo, Kathryn Stockett!

Mary Kay Berry Tinted Lip Balm. It’s the one on the right. Perfect color, and if you click the Mary Kay link, my awesome daughter-in-law will hook you up.
Wissotsky Magic Tea Chest. Pretty presentation of really nice bag teas. The number one tea brand in Israel for good reason. My favorite is the Nana Lemon.

Well, everyone wants one, so even though I don’t have one, I should throw an iPad into your Swag Bag. Here you go.  

The most delicious coffee ever. Trader Joe’s sells it, and whenever I shop there, I always toss several cans in my cart. The pine nuts roasted with the beans give this java a warm flavor that balances the acid bitterness of the coffee.          

Jerusalem! Visiting there really, truly will change the way you read your Bible and your news. 
A warm purple pashmina, to go with your purple Birkenstocks.                       

I’m putting some chickens in your bag, in honor of the chickens we raised in our Waukesha, WI garage. These chickens, however, are for you to re-gift to a needy family in another part of the world. Your re-gift will help that family become a little more self-sufficient.     

What are some of your favorite things this year?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you're loving the Mary Kay makeup!! 🙂

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