Searching for signs of life in Round Lake

I’ve lived in this town for over four years, but had never seen Round Lake until today. I had a vague idea of where it might be, and groped my way through narrow lanes lined with workingman’s fishing cottages turned year-round residences until I found it. I think I trespassed into someone’s yard to get this shot. The town would do itself a great service if it put a sign up directing people to its namesake lake, which, by the way, is not round. This experience got me pondering the other signs which have defined my sojourn here…

When our boys were living here, I think we kept these people in business. Surprisingly decent pizza.
This mysterious road leads to a mysterious little airport.
There’s something very depressing about this, don’t you think?

Two signs, two observations: The top sign, which proudly proclaims that Round Lake won the Governor’s Home Town Award (whatever that means) in 2006 has Rod Blagojevich’s signature on it. It matches all those bad checks he endorsed. The 1970’s-style bottom sign is an elongaged octagon. Wouldn’t it be way cooler if the sign was ROUND? Just sayin’.

This is a real street.

I doubt it.

This store has been vacant the entire time we’ve lived here. It makes me sad every time I drive by it.

Sign of life.

Where shopping is an international adventure.

True story: The first time I shopped at this store, I found myself singing as I wandered the aisles in search of tchochkes for the house. I had no idea the chain was owned by a Christian, or that instead of Kenny G muzak they pipe instrumental worship music and hymns over the sound system. It was a most unexpected experience.

The bane of my existence. Guaranteed to get me ranting in 15 seconds or less.

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One thought on “Searching for signs of life in Round Lake”

  1. Wonderful to chat with you this morning. Glad to know about your blog, too. I've had the same experience at Hobby Lobby, and I love singing in the aisles. Fellow shoppers may not enjoy it so much since I can't carry a tune, but I like it. And your street sign photo reminds me of an intersection whose street sign the Palatine police have trouble keeping in place. People continually steal it; it's the corner of Comfort and Easy Streets.

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