Tidbits from yesterday’s journey

Yes, Israel was amazing. And yes, I’ll have more to share about this trip in weeks to come. But after yesterday’s grueling trip back to Chicago, all I have to offer you today are some random observations penned while sitting in Terminal 3 at Heathrow:

(1) Anyone who complains about O’Hare has never been to Heathrow.
(2) European news channels (France24 and BBC) appear to use news stories as filler between the really important story – the upcoming World Cup competition.
(3) No matter how savvy you try to be, if you’re in an unknown place, occasionally you will be ripped off by a sleazy cab driver.
(4) Authorities look askance at wet passports.
(5) The tiny Swiss army knife I’ve carried onto many planes in my cosmetics bag in my purse was finally confiscated by airport screeners this time around.
(6) People who travel with infants and small children deserve all the grace other travelers can muster.
(7) How can flight attendants work in high heels? My feet hurt just watching them do their job on the long international flights.
(8) I was consumed by a desire to interview EVERY SINGLE PERSON at the airport to learn where they were from, where they were going – and why they were going there. Occupational hazard.
(9) Sleeping on benches at airports may not be very dignified, but sometimes its necessary.
(10) All airports should have free wireless. (They don’t, but they should.)

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2 thoughts on “Tidbits from yesterday’s journey”

  1. "Anyone who complains about O'Hare has never been to Heathrow" – oh yes, indeed. ESPECIALLY when you land and get to walk miles of dingy corridors, feeling as if you've accidentally landed in some third world country only to discover that you're right, and it's called England.

    Welcome back.

  2. PERFECTLY PUT, Jane. I had no idea how awful an airport could be until we spent time at three of the different terminals at Heathrow. Argh!

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