Come, Lord Jesus

A friend asked me if I wanted to join her at a night of corporate worship at a church a decade ago in a nearby town. My friend and I were “church nomads” at that point, and we both missed the dynamic of gathering with others to worship. Neither of us knew anyone at the church, and I think we both expected a couple of hours of singing. The end.

As we walked into the church building, there was a palpable, nearly overwhelming sense of the nearness of God. This sense of simultaneous exposure and welcome staggered us both. The crowd was buzzing with excitement about the things God had been doing among them. People were being delivered from secret addictions; there were substantiated reports of physical healings; there was a heightened expectancy that the kingdom was really at hand. It wasn’t an abstract concept. It was, in this time and place, a tangible reality.

When the music started that night, the “liturgy” was a loose structure – there was a sense of willingness to cede the stage and set aside the carefully-planned, rehearsed program if the Spirit moved in an off-program way. There was a plea in every note the gathered crowd sang – “Come, Lord Jesus!” And He did. Oh, how He did.

A decade later, I look back and I remember that season in my life with gratitude.

And I wonder…why is what I experienced ten years ago so rare in so many of our churches? Your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Come, Lord Jesus”

  1. Thanks for that rememberance Michelle. I am so missing that in church right now. Our church is in state of flux. But am hopefull things will turn around soon. Blessings to you..

  2. I'm sorry to hear your church is in a state of flux. It seems like that condition is pretty common. Your hope and hunger are great kindling for prayer for your congregation.

  3. We are currently searching for a church–not an easy thing to do. We haven't hopped much in our lives but circumstances brought us to this place. I'm hoping I can find the place that loves Jesus and people like no other thing!

  4. It is very hard searching for a new church, isn't it? Plus, it takes more than a few visits to figure out whether it's a good fit for you/your fam. If it's not, then you're back at square one. Plus, if you've left a church you'd attended for a long time, you're likely grieving the end of that association as well.

    Praying for God's mercy for you today. May your search be a short one, filled with His presence.

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