2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Q & A”

  1. oh my…tough questions…

    #1. They put their life on hold to keep us safe…so we can do ALL the things we like to do.
    #2. It’s for people even more important than him!
    #3. Closer then you think…beyond time and space…think of your best day…even better!
    #4.Worse then your most misserable day…so you can be better then you deserve.
    #5. Soon and very soon we are going to see the King…
    #6. Christmas is in 7 months! How about a red one?

    Remember talking to a group of 5 year olds…Question: Who is your Lord and Savior? Answer: Jesus!
    Question: What did He do? Answer: He went to the cross! Question: What did He do with your sins? Answer: He took ’em! Question: What happened to your sins? Answer: They got gone!

    Huggs to your grandson!

  2. You’re going to ba a wonderful grandpa!

    We tried to answer questions like these as our own kids were growing up, but it was a different dynamic entirely to respond to Gabriel’s questions yesterday. It really bothered him that I couldn’t tell him where heaven is, even though I gave an answer similar to the one you suggested above. I loved the way his very literal mind tried to make sense of something so…other than us. I know God is working in that little guy’s life!

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