Deep questions on a December snow day

Why do the same Christmas decorations that look so festive in mid-December look so tacky in mid-January? (And why do some Christmas decorations look tacky no matter when you plug them in and inflate them on your lawn?)

When did the term “Thundersnow” start getting used by TV meteorologists?
Does anyone else find the breathless reporting about how much people do (or don’t) spend on Black Friday – and throughout the “Holiday Shopping Season” – seem a little like examining someone else’s navel lint under a high-powered electron microscope? 
What did you get for Christmas 2 years ago? (Yeah, I mostly can’t remember, either.) 
Does anyone else think that the one of the loveliest Christmas carols of all is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”? 
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6 thoughts on “Deep questions on a December snow day”

  1. I think the idea is to put up those white icicle lights and then incorporate them into every holiday theme throughout the year. My favorite is decorating for Groundhog Day.

  2. I must know – how do you jazz up icicle lights for Groundhog Day? And do you mean the multi-colored icicle lights, because those are the most festive Christmas lights of all?

  3. We do the “o” Antiphones of Advent during one of the Non-Communion services here where we sing each of the verses of O Come O Come Emanuel. As to outdoor decorations we go all out here. Two wreaths one on the front door and one on the back. Take a few seconds to put up and a few to take down. Works for us…Enjoy “His” season!

  4. We’ve got a wreath on the front door. I miss the tree (we have lots of ornaments with lots of memories attached – which I’m passing on to my kids as they start their own families), but not spending a good part of a January day packing it all up. Lots of helpers for decorating, no one to help clean up.
    Merry Christmas!

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