Eleven ???? Tuesday

Spending time with my four year-old grandson Gabriel means that I become an instant authority on the way the world works – just for the day. “What do cars drink? Why can’t the cat eat my soft taco if he likes it? What is grandpa doing right now?” I am required to have some snappy answers ready for him – or a very convincing “I don’t know” that staunches the flow of further inquiry on a topic.

And then I wondered why kids get to ask all the cool questions. Here are a few of mine:

Why do cars like to drink four dollar-a-gallon gas?

Why does this cat like tacos, pizza and cream puffs?

When will it really, truly be spring (for a full week) in Chicago?

Will I kill the two tomato plants Gabriel and I planted today? (I have never harvested a tomato yet from any garden I’ve ever planted. Ever.)

Has American Idol jumped the shark this year?

Besides pastoring, what else can you use a Masters of Divinity degree for?

Will Hillary Clinton try for the Democratic nomination in a future election year she doesn’t get the position this time?

And one very serious one:

How do you pray for an entire country (like Myanmar) or a region (like the Sichuan province in China)?
What about you? Got any questions? Or answers???
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4 thoughts on “Eleven ???? Tuesday”

  1. My questions…

    If diesel is a byproduct of making gasoline, why is it more expensive?

    If we all stayed away from the gas stations for one day, would they lower the price?

    Why does everyone pile things on my computer desk?

    When we let my dog in to eat, why does he always go to my bedroom first?

    Why did I stay up so late last night when I had planned to go to be on time?

    And one answer… Just pray and let God take care of the details.

    BTW, did you know I’m having a blog birthday party?

  2. how come everyone can’t see that i’m always right?

    why do we work and then retire, instead of enjoying life while we’re young, and then working to pay it back?

    if God is so big, how come it’s so hard to see his will?

    how come it’s illegal to shoot teenagers, even when they’re your own?

    mike rucker
    fairburn, georgia, usa

  3. These are fun questions. The tomato one grabbed my attention.
    Plant cherry tomatoes; because they are so small when ripe, they ripen fastest. Give tomatoes scads of sun, minimum 6 hours, 8 or more is best, water especially the first month, and I HOPE you will enjoy tomatoes this summer. 🙂
    I write about gardening and other stuff at terragarden.blogspot.com

  4. Mike – When my kids were teens, I asked myself the same question.

    Terra (pretty name!) – I did plant cherry tomatoes with my grandson. I have murdered so many tomato plants over the years…

    But, this will be my year for success, I hope.

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