(gulp) Mt. Hermon, here I come

A couple of months ago, I ran across a contest on The Writers View e-mail loop. This loop is a networking/information/encouragement portal for…you guessed it…writers. The prize for the essay contest was a full scholarship to the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Cali. I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my writing vocation, and hope that being immersed in a learning community for the better part of a week will help me better discern just what the heck comes next. Note: emphasis on community goes in that sentence.
I won the scholarship. Someone at work said, “You’re like the Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio”. (This, because I will occasionally enter writing contests – as well as the random Chicago Tribune Christmas cookie-baking contest – and have had some wonderful things happen as a result. Best prize – my first book contract a couple of years ago.)
So after a flurry of writing activity getting ready for the event, and a head cold that is trying to invade my sinuses, I am in the home stretch. I am scheduled to get on that plane Thursday AM and head to California. I don’t know a single soul. There are lots and lots of multiply-published writers scheduled to be there, and acquisitions editors and agents and aspiriring first-time authors and…
My amazing songbird intercessor friend Meg reminded me this morning of a question I apparently asked her a few years ago. (I don’t remember asking it, but she insisted I did.) The question is: Where is Jesus taking me?
If you think of it, I’d sure value your prayers. I want to stay surrendered, and not lose sight of Him for one single moment.
A P.S.—No cold. Amen.
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5 thoughts on “(gulp) Mt. Hermon, here I come”

  1. I’ll definitely be praying for you, Michelle. And, I bet you’ll find a few people you do actually know, cuz you got lots of peeps!
    I hope the whole experience is one giant blessing.

  2. Michelle,
    Glad you got over your cold, and how cool that you got the scholarship.

    I won’t know anyone there either. Taking a trip like this is a huge step out of my comfort zone. Maybe we should make the effort to find each other. I’m arriving on Thursday afternoon, and I’ll be the chick with the red stripes in her short, brownish-blondish hair, wearing glasses.


  3. Congratulations on winning the scholarship! I can’t wait to hear about the conference.

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