Scissors, skinny old cats and random requests

My coffee table is covered with pictures of monkeys, goats, a spaceship, a glued-together horse and carrot and a lot of confetti-like pieces of paper. My grandson Gabriel was here today.

It occurred to me the last time I was at Target that he’d never been properly introduced to the pre-schoolers’ friend: a scissors.

It was big fun to help him learn how to cut today, and he was so into it that he didn’t even ask to watch (and watch and watch and watch) a Thomas The Train video for nearly 45 minutes. If you knew what a Thomas junkie this little boy is, you’d appreciate what a hit those scissors were with him. I’m leaving the mess on the table until grandpa gets home, so he can appreciate the wonderfulness of the mess.

I never would have dreamed a few months ago that this darling little boy would be in my living room cutting out an octopus. I am very grateful.

* * * * * * *

“Lost” starts again tonight.

Has it occurred to anyone else that just about every single character on this show (and there’s a lot of them – it’s a huge cast) has major father issues?

* * * * * * *
A good friend involved in Muslim ministry called today to ask for prayer as she, her husband and several others on their team begin a three-day fast. “We are desperate,” she said simply. “We want to see so many coming to faith in Christ, looking for discipleship, that our current staff won’t be able to minister to them all.”

They have been with this ministry for over ten years. They’ve focused on the friendship and relationship-building style evangelism, but have always remained willing and open to participate with God in the miraculous, in prophetic/dream/power encounters, which can instantaneously turn a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. They’ve seen God use them to meet people in friendship and in miracles.

And now, they’re feeling as if there’s need for a fresh wind to blow through the ministry. What this means, they don’t know. So they’re asking, in the way desperate people ask, which is more like begging.

If you’re reading this, please take a moment and add your prayers to their for an increased grace and power in the ministry’s evangelism.

* * * * * * *
Our almost-sixteen year-old cat is the skinniest creature I’ve ever seen, and continues to get skinnier each week. If he was a teen-age girl, he’d be the before picture for for Remuda Ranch.

* * * * * * *
Our 21 y/o son Jacob is in-between school and school this semester. He’s got mad art skills (illustration, photography, and a good measure of a few other disciplines as well) – and was hoping to do an internship with someone this semester while he’s working to stash some Benjamins for next fall. He thought he had something lined up, but that possibility hasn’t quite caught traction for him. If you know of an art-related someone looking for an intern, contact me and I’ll forward the info on to him.
* * * * * *
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3 thoughts on “Scissors, skinny old cats and random requests”

  1. Michelle, you have a very fine blog – I’ll be back!

    But for now I wonder if you can tell me the source of the illustration for your Nov 5 2007 post, “Hymn Break.”

    I’d like to use it and would like to cite its source.

    Any help you can offer?


  2. Michelle, sorry to have troubled you!

    A little more research and I found the source. The artist is Evelyn Williams at the Oriel Martin Tinney Gallery.

    I’ll still be back!

  3. I’m so glad you found the source…and even more glad you stopped by to visit!

    God bless you.

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