Lullaby Playlist

For the last few years, my husband and I have watched our grandsons Gabriel and Lio most Saturday evenings. Until recently, I was their Wednesday evening sitter, too. When our own three children were young, we had a dedicated bedtime routine that included prayer and a reading from a children’s devotional book. The 5-year age difference between Gabriel and Lio called for a slightly different approach to goodnight prayers.

I began searching out classic, peaceful worship songs and hymns to play as sacred lullabies in the nightlight-illumined darkness after our prayer time. Those moments of sitting in the quiet and just listening to these songs (sometimes twice in a row!) has become a welcome part of their bedtime routine.

After the tumult of the last few weeks in our culture, maybe you need a lullaby or two, too. Here are some of the songs we’ve shared: [Read more]

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