“Chrismukkah”: 1 thing to learn, 1 thing to taste

So many people are interested in being more intentional about learning about the Jewish and Christian calendars, but don’t quite know where to start. I’m very happy I can commend a resource that offers a thoughtful historical and devotional overview of each calendar, but also know that many people feel as through attempting to participate will be a pile-on of extra stuff to do (and extra guilt to feel if they can’t do it).

Well, every once in a while, the lunar-based Jewish calendar and the solar-based Gregorian Christian calendar collide. In 2013, the second night of Chanukah fell on Thanksgiving. A few wits dubbed the mash-up of the two holidays “Thanksgivukkah“. Trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?

This year, the first night of Chanukah falls on December 24th – Christmas eve. Savvy marketers are hawking Chrismukkah sweaters, which takes the ugly Christmas sweater to a whole new level:


Only $30 at Target. Such a deal. Tom Selleck 1970’s `stache optional.

There’s plenty of other kitschy stuff out there to commemorate the confluence of the two holidays. It’s a boon for interfaith families, who deal with the yearly challenges of how to celebrate two entirely different December holidays.

Here’s the thing: The two holidays are entwined in deeply profound ways for those of us who follow Jesus. There wouldn’t be Christmas without Chanukah happening first. [Read more]

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