A worthwhile Chicago-area monthly learning opportunity

I appreciate the unique ministry of the Kesher Forum. This Chicago-area monthly lecture series is a place where people can come to hear from respected teachers and writers from the Christian and Jewish community about the Jewish foundations of Christianity, Jewish perspectives on Christianity, current issues facing the Jewish community, interfaith relationships, and more. Evangelical Christians are the primary audience, but the Forum draws its audience from a variety of backgrounds and faith traditions. The Kesher Forum has been in existence for eight years, and has welcomed speakers including academics Dr. Richard Averbeck and Dr. John Monson, spiritual leaders including Rabbi Niles Goldstein and Rabbi Evan Moffic, actress Mimi Sagadin, and authors like Jenny Berg Chandler and I.

Justin Kron facilitates these free events, which usually include a light dinner before the lecture for those who may be coming straight from work. He notes that he’s been grateful that some local Jewish leaders who value tolerance and education have affirmed the Forum’s goals of increasing interaction between Christians and Jews. The Christians who attend these lectures often express appreciation for a low-key opportunity to learn more about Jesus’ Jewishness and learning how to better love their Jewish friends and neighbors. The Kesher Forum is a wonderful resource for those of you living in the Chicago area. If you “like” the Kesher Forum’s facebook page, you’ll get updates on upcoming speakers (Stan Guthrie on Monday, October 10th, and I’ll be speaking on Monday, November 7th) as well as links to other relevant news stories and Chicago-area events.

Justin recently sent out a newsletter that gave a bit of the history of the Kesher Forum. With his permission, I’m including it here: [Read more]

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