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Are you rushing through life

When you think of Jesus’ call to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), what practices come to mind? Evangelism? Prayer? Service? Study?

We speak of the importance of everyday discipleship mostly in terms of making sure we slot time for individual spiritual disciplines like worship, Bible reading, and fellowship. But have you ever considered the way in which our calendar shapes our days or informs our discipleship practices?

I began asking questions about the calendars we use several years ago. Those questions led me on a journey through time as I dug into the richness of the calendar God gave to the Jewish people in the Old Testament and observed in its fullness by Jesus. At the same time, I pondered the profound story the liturgical Christian calendar told me about the life and mission of my Savior.

Moments & Days: How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith is an engaging historical, devotional look at each key holiday/holy season in each calendar, as well as an invitation to a more intentional way of living.


To learn more about the book, visit

If you head to the website, you’ll find some pretty wonderful recommendations for the book from respected writers and teachers including Leonard Sweet, Scot McKnight, Jen Pollock Michel and Dale Hanson Bourke. You’ll also discover a link to a free downloadable side-by-side 2017 calendar with dates for Jewish and Christian holy days. And of course, there’s a link you can use to order the book from NavPress. (You can also order from your favorite online retailer!)

Can We Talk?

It would be my honor to come speak to your church, Bible study, book club, or small group about Moments & Days – or work with you to craft a message or retreat that will minister to the unique needs of your group.

I’m booking fall and winter dates now. Click here to check out my upcoming schedule and some of my speaking topics; click here to contact me for more information or to slate a date.

Hey, are you still reading? (Yay, you!)

As a thank you, I’ll gift one person with a copy of Moments & Days and my last book,If Only: Letting Go Of Regret. Keep both for yourself, or gift one to a friend! To enter this drawing, click here to fill out my contact form with your name and your snail mail address before midnight Central time Friday, September 2nd.

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