Talk Amongst Yourselves: New Conversations

Does it seems as though civil discourse is on the endangered species list? When discussion is reduced to talking heads yelling at one another on cable news channels, posting inflammatory commentary on Facebook, or calling each other snarky names on Twitter, where is there space in our world to ask questions, listen to the experiences of others, and stretch both mind and soul?

When my friend Melinda told me she was gathering a group of women for the purpose of conversation, I was all ears. When she was one of the co-hosts of Midday Connection, the one show on the Moody Broadcasting Network to which I listened on the regular, their Friday show was dedicated to something they dubbed The Millrose Club. The format was simple. Each of four cohosts and/or guests would come with a discussion topic, and they’d take 10-15 minutes per topic to talk about it. Subjects ranged from current events to literature to faith questions to relationship issues. The lively conversation and willingness to question ideas in gracious ways drew me in every time I listened. [Read more]

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