Read, Reading, Gonna Read

I love a long conversation over coffee with a friend. Before I was old enough to drink coffee, books were my favorite conversation partners and most trusted friends. They still hold a prime spot in my heart. The not-so-good ones give me food for thought, if only to remind me to do something different in my own writing. Good books educate, provoke, or inspire. Great ones do all three.

The long weeks of illness combined with the shut-in-life that is late winter in Chicago gave me plenty of reading time. Plus, three writing friends all launched books into this world. And I came home from the Festival of Faith and Writing (FFW) with an armload of new reads. I’m sharing my current “just read, currently reading, plan to read” list below.

And I love to know what others are reading or have in their “to read” stack (because I am always looking for new friends). [Read more]

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