Blogging Is So 2010

I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI last weekend. As usual, it was an incredible gathering of writers and readers, and my heart is stuffed to overflowing with the treasures from seminars and conversations.

One bit of information I’m still processing are the continuing announcements from famous, infamous, and not-famous-at-all bloggers that they’re suspending or greatly dialing back their online efforts. I’ve been hearing rumbles of this for some time now, but at the Festival, the rumbles were amplified through voices I respect including Amy Julia Becker, Sarah Bessey, Preston Yancey, and Addie Zierman. There are too many bloggers, too many trolls, and nowadays, readers are looking for smart, curated editorial/news analysis and less slice-of-life reflection. [Read more]


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