Unpacking Once More

Some of you have followed the account of our recent (mis)adventure of our most recent move via Facebook and Twitter. After more than 3-1/2 years in a quirky 1970’s townhome in a northwest suburb of Chicago, our landlord told us toward the end of January that we’d need to find a new place to live as the place was going to be sold. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, as there have probably been close to 40 showings of the property since late November. We learned that few people dig a mirrored wall in an almost-antique micro kitchen. We couldn’t blame the potential buyers. We wouldn’t buy the place either. However, I did give myself some laughs by pretending to host a cooking show every single day.

Thanks to the help of a realtor friend, we found a new place to rent in fairly quick order. [Read more]

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