Unintended Consequences Of The Jesus Movement: Church by Org Chart

The middle-aged man stood before our group of mostly thirty-something congregational lay leaders and announced with the kind of certainty that comes from being a paid, invited consultant, “80% of most congregations are comprised of people with the spiritual gift of helps.”

Our pastoral team had invited him to come to our church in the early 1980′s to help us come up with a way to move forward after the resignation of the leader who’d launched the church during the Jesus Movement during the early 1970′s. The leadership team was wrestling with how to take a church that had formed organically out of a home Bible study and was currently renting space in a nearby school  to a place of stability and maturity in the community. Leadership and organization questions drove our conversations and prayer meetings – as did the specter of an upcoming building program.

No one questioned our paid expert’s bold statistical claim. [Read more]

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