Unintended Consequences Of The Jesus Movement: Our Swag

If you’re a Jesus Person of a certain age and had a subversive streak, you probably remember the old Wittenburg Door magazine.* If you don’t, here’s a link to a 1986 Sun-Sentinel article about the Door that snapshots its role and voice, back in the day. The magazine simultaneously skewered the worst of Christian subculture, had great book and movie reviews, and offered some meaty articles by writers like the late Mike Yaconelli, Sheldon Vanauken and Tony Campolo and Tom Sine. It also included interviews with people like Paul Little, Marabel Morgan, and Mark Hatfield.

The Door had a special feature called the “Loser of the Month”, or the Green Weenie Award. It highlighted the most squee-inducing forms of religious-themed merchandising shenanigans including memberships in Christian nudist colonies and the Cabbage Patch Jesus doll. [Read more]

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