Jewish Evangelism In Light Of The “Gifts & Calling” Document

I am not Catholic, but am grateful for my Catholic siblings in faith. I’ve been strengthened by many Catholic writers over the years, particularly those from the contemplative tradition. I’ve been encouraged by Catholic pro-life activism and challenged by the Church’s commitment to social justice and care for the least of these. I love studying the Bible with Catholic friends.

So much kingdom goodness in these things. These affirmations of goodness also carry deep sorrow with them, an acknowledgement of generations of abysmal history – lousy leaders who let power and wealth rot their souls, toxic theology that led to war, war and terror-a-plenty for all those who didn’t toe the party line. Reform-minded Christians paid the price for hundreds of years with their lives. My Jewish people faced the horrors of forced “conversions”, the Inquisition, expulsions in the name of religion, closed doors and complicit silence leading up to and during World War II, and willful misplaced blame for causing the death of Jesus.
When the Catholic Church issues a document entitled “The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable” which addresses “unresolved theological questions at the heart of Christian-Jewish dialogue”, I am all ears. [Read more]

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