Unintended Consequences of the Jesus Movement’s Music: A Word From Dr. Chuck Fromm

I was grateful for the lively exchange that took place last week around a new series I launched on this blog called “The Jesus Movement’s Unintended Consequences”. (Click here to read the first two posts in the series.) We’re four decades out from that time of change and renewal in the church. Time passed allows us a bit of perspective, and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation in the weeks to come.

Before I move on to another topic in the series, I want to share part of an email I received last week from Dr. Chuck Fromm. Fromm ran Maranatha! Music from 1975-1999. He launched Worship Leader magazine in 1990, and continues at the helm of the publication. He has a Ph.D. from Fuller Seminary, and lectures in the areas of communications and worship. He is a husband, father and grandfather.

Dr. Fromm grew up at the center of the Jesus Movement. His uncle was the late Chuck Smith, the influential leader of the Calvary Chapel movement. Maranatha! Music started as a way to capture the sounds of Jesus Movement worship and outreach. [Read more]

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