What’s In My Medicine?

I met Susan Jomantas at the Bible study I attend on Tuesday mornings. She has been battling a disabling autoimmune disease for years, and discovered after doing some sleuthing that one of the ingredients in a drug she uses to manage the disease has been derived from the cells of aborted babies. This information is not easily available to consumers – something Susan would like to see changed. She shared her story with me, and I am sharing it here with you as it is relevant to the the current discussion about how these pharma “ingredients” are obtained. She supports a proposal that will allow consumers to be better informed about what may be in the medication they may be taking, which may allow some patients to seek alternatives not derived from the tissue of aborted babies. Her deeply personal account of her medical conundrum is below. I will be monitoring comments on this post, so please keep it civil if you wish to express disagreement.

What’s in my medicine?

By Susan Jomantas
        As we stumble into the kitchen in the morning and sit down to eat our breakfast cereal, how many of us look at the box as we spoon cereal into our mouths? We look for carbs, sugar grams and check if it’s GMO or not. Let’s face it. We want to know what we are putting into our bodies. The  FDA protects us by requiring products to be labeled so we can make an informative choice what to eat. [Read more]
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