Puppy Days Of Summer

We may be in the dog days of summer, but this year’s record rains have made this season more of a wet puppy where I live.  Though it’s late July, the back-to-school commercials are already saturating the airwaves. Our calendars may tell us a new year starts on January 1, but there is a “new year” feeling about early September for many of us, isn’t there?

Recently, I finished edits on my book for NavPress about the calendars that shape our lives. The working title is Everyday Eternity: How the Jewish Feasts and Christian Calendar Point Us At Something More. The book is scheduled for release next year. It will offer readers a lively devotional background look at each calendar’s key days or seasons, along with information about how and why the church moved from one calendar to the other, and application about what each of our days, both holiday and ordinary day, tell us about how to steward and celebrate the time God has given us.

You may be looking ahead to your September “new year” schedule – or trying not to think about it yet! In either case, I hope these words from the current introduction to the book are an encouragement to you as you consider how you structure your days: [Read more]

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