5 Practical Ways You Can Respond To The Planned Parenthood Videos

This summer has brought a series of stunning videos from the Center For Medical Progress to our computer screens. These unfiltered videos highlight the secondary business of the selling of baby body parts after an abortion has been performed. They’re barbaric and gruesome, and all of the spin in the world `splainin’ away the cavalier talk by Planned Parenthood execs of Lamborgini purchases and how to get the most money out of each aborted child’s body parts doesn’t erase the hideous truth about what’s been going on right under our collective noses for years.
Even some who’ve been staunch pro-abortion defenders have had to rethink the consequences of their position. In his piece entitled “I Don’t Know If I am Pro-Choice Anymore”, Daily Beast columnist Ruben Navarette, Jr. recognized that he can’t unsee what he saw in those videos: [Read more]

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