In Search Of Mitford

To The Good People Of Mitford, NC –

You may be classified as fictional characters living in an imaginary place, but after reading all nine books in Jan Karon’s series featuring so many of you during the last two decades, I feel as though I’ve you’ve taken on the status of my second home. I’ve had five addresses since I first met you all when a good friend pressed a just-off-the-press copy of At Home In Mitford (the 1994 Lion Press edition) into my hands. I’ve imagined myself living among y’all: attending The Lord’s Chapel, shopping at The Local, getting bad haircuts (and now, spray tans) at A Cut Above salon, browsing through the poetry books at Happy Endings bookstore, and sampling a half-slice of Esther Bollick’s Orange Marmalade Cake after a funeral. Jan Karon has always seen the best in even the worst of your citizens through the faith and love of Father Tim, a diabetic middle-aged Episcopal priest.

I am not the only one who’s found a home in Mitford, N.C…

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