By “Rightsize”, I Mean “Exorcise” These Nine Church-y Words

As a writer, I spend my days playing with words. This also means I spend too much time – usually when I’m writing a first draft – watching cat videos, rearranging my cabinets, thinking about what to make for dinner, and watching the squirrels re-enact West Side Story outside my window.

When I’m not watching Tony Squirrel woo Maria Squirrel, I do try to pay close attention to how people use words. Language is a living thing. I’m fascinated by the lists of words that have become tired, lazy clichés. The business world loves its motivational bits of jargon. I guarantee that telling your coworkers you’re going to tee up the discussion about switching filter vendors at the wastewater treatment plant will not make your 3:45 p.m. meeting any more exciting.

The sports world loves its clichés. Here’s hoping that your high octane defense will turn up the intensity and dig deep…really deep…so they can play like they’re capable of playing. Or something.

Though I like and use groovy pop culture lingo, sometimes silly fadspeak can make me cray-cray.

I write for the church, and you know we have our own slang-y jargon. A couple of years ago, too many painfully relevant, authentic young pastors dreamed OUT LOUD EVERY STINKIN’ SUNDAY MORNING about making an impact with a smokin’ hot bride at their side. Mercifully, that trend seems to be abating a bit. I thought I’d share a few words or phrases I’ve been hearing a little too frequently at church lately [Read more]


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