Is God A Mafia Boss Or Is God Good? (Part 3)

Dr. Ingrid Faro has sparked some great discussion here at Pilgrim’s Road Trip with her recent posts exploring the character of God in light of the evil that seems to be flourishing all around us. I am grateful for her carefully-crafted thoughts on this topic, as well as the great questions asked by many commenters who’ve weighed in on her previous two posts. (Click here to read Part 1; click here to read Part 2.)

These posts are by no means an exhaustive exploration of the subject, but both Dr. Faro and I hope that these words may provoke further reflection and prayer.

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Is God A Mafia Boss Or Is God Good? (Part 3)

by Dr. Ingrid Faro 

‘’Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.’’[i]

A current hit song by Matthew West called ‘’Do Something’’ summarizes this final post in the series. The lyrics of this song begin with him looking at all the suffering in the world and asking, ‘’God, why don’t you do something!’’

The response is, ‘’I did. I created you…’’ [Read more]

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