If Only We Could Have A Discussion About Our If Onlys

Happy August, friend! As miserable as last winter was for those of us living in the area of the country caught in the clutches of the Polar Vortex, this summer’s mild temperatures and abundant sunshine have almost erased the memory of mountains of snow andFrozen-like temperatures.

(Well, almost.)

Though we’re in the second half of summer, many of us are shopping for school supplies and looking ahead to autumn’s schedules.

For those of you involved in planning upcoming Bible studies, discipleship groups, book clubs, MOPS groups, retreat planning or women’s ministry at your church, I wanted to let you know that I’m scheduling speaking engagements for fall and winter. If you’re not the one who organizes the gathering you attend, please pass this email along to someone who is. And even if your group meets far from where I live, I’d love an opportunity to join you via Skype or FaceTime.

I wrote If Only: Letting Go Of Regret in order to spark a productive, compassionate conversation about regret in the church. Jesus can redeem every single one of our regrets for his glory and our good.

it would be my honor to share a bit of my own story, lead your group through an exploration of one of the Scripture passages highlighted in If Only or bring a message to your group such as:

  • Reunited: Regret’s Gift To A Divided Heart
  • Hamster Wheel, Rabbit Trail or GPS: Where Our Woulda, Shoulda, Couldas Lead
Regret is not an easy topic. I don’t offer glib answers to long-standing pain, but it is my desire to point readers and hearers alike toward our Redeemer.
For more information, click here to contact me. And feel free to use that contact page just to say hi!* * * * * * *

For more about the book: 
Preview the first chapter of If Only here.
This great infographic from my publisher, Beacon Hill Press, captures some of the book’s themes.
Dan Darling interviewed me at Christianity Today’s Parse leadership blog aboutIf Only.
If you’re a member of Goodreads.comyou can enter to win a copy of the book now through August 12th. And if you’ve already read If Only, I’d be so grateful it you could post a quick review on either Goodreads or the book’s Amazon page.
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