Blog Tour Wrap-Up: Week One

It’s been an honor and a lot of fun to watch the discussion about If Only: Letting Go Of Regret travel around the web this week. Below you’ll find a wrap-up of the book-related posts – and a bonus. Yesterday, Ellen Painter Dollar shared a section of Chapter 9, entitled “When The Past Becomes The Present: Why Our History Still Tell Tales”. Visit her blog to read part one. Part two is below.

Monday: Part 1 of an excerpt from Chapter 1 at

Tuesday: Part 2 of an excerpt from Chapter 1 at

Wednesday: A guest post (and give-away!) at

Friday: An interview with Pastor Ruth Everhart at

Saturday: Part 1 of an excerpt from Chapter 9 at Ellen Painter Dollar

From Chapter 9 of If Only: When The Past Becomes The Present

There was no magic moment in those final waning weeks of her life in which my mom came to terms with the lies she’d been told, the rejection she’d experienced, and the deep sense of loss she was unable to name. Once the secret of the cancer she’d kept hidden for more than two years was revealed, her physical condition deteriorated very rapidly. [Read more]

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