Virtual Road Trip + School Update

A book is meant to create a conversation between writer and reader. A good book can spark conversations that echo far beyond its pages. By nature of its form and function, a book with 40,000 or more words (Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables clocks in at over 500,000 words) is an extended meditation on a subject or theme.

The form and function of a blog post is an entirely different critter. Most blog posts are 500-1,000 words in length. They have pictures, hyperlinks, and most havecomments sections. If a book has the calorie content of a banquet, in most cases, a blog post is a single bite appetizer.

I’ve been a blogger, and I’ve written books. And I’ve written about dozens of books on my blog.

Beginning next week, my two writing worlds collide in a new way. My book If Only: Letting Go Of Regret will be the focus of a blog tour. A great crop of bloggers – some I’ve read and admired, and some new friends – will be blogging about the book. [Read more]

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