Is This My Seat At The Kiddie Table?

Just in time for this winter’s epic Polar Vortex to swoop into town this winter with its alternating gifts of snow and subzero weather, my husband and I decided it was time to figure out if it still made sense to make the hour and twenty minute round trip drive to attend our church on Sunday mornings. Rush hour traffic threw additional travel time into the mix on weeknights, which prohibited our attendance at other church events. No one else we knew at the church lived in our community. We’d become the people living at the distant edge of a suburban-long drive – Pluto in the church social solar system, if you will. Because of the speed in the end game at whichour short sale resolved a year an a half ago, we didn’t have the capacity to consider undertaking a church search at that time. It was easier to simply leave some part of our lives “as is” and deal with the question of where and with whom to worship later, when the dust settled a bit and we’d gotten our bearings in our new zip code. Finally, at the beginning of the year, we realized that Pluto is a lonely place to live, and decided to throw ourselves into the ring and launch a search for a church. Sigh. Again. [Read more]

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