Why We Love/Loathe New Year’s Resolutions

Hello, 2014. I see you peeking around the corner, waiting to enter the room. Come on in. Sit a spell. 2013 was just leaving.

There’s something about the blank pages of a brand-new calendar that inspires many of us to commit to change. Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution:

  •  I will join a gym – and show up there three times a week.
  • I will quit eating gluten, sugar and dairy. 
  • I will watch less T.V.
  • I will volunteer in my community.
  • I will go back to school.
  • I will pay off my credit cards.
  • I will skydive. Walk the Appalachian trail. Learn to tap dance. 

We hear that most of our resolutions are doomed to fail. If we’re given to making these sorts of vows to ourselves, we tell ourselves that we’re going to beat the odds this year. [Read more]

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