`Fess Up

“Do you have anything you’d like to confess to me before we begin?” An acquaintance who was hoping to become an Orthodox priest had invited us over for dinner, and was now standing in his living room in full Sunday morning regalia, preparing to lead 6 of us in a worship service.

Bill and I have visited churches of all kinds, but this was one of the most unusual. Though we’d known a couple of people over the years who attended ethnic (Greek, Romanian) Orthodox churches, and we’ve benefitted greatly from using the daily devotional materials produced by Father Patrick Reardon of the Antiochan Orthodox Church, this stream of of Christian practice wasn’t too terribly familiar to us. (Most of us in the West are far more familiar with Catholicism.)

This guy had turned a section of his apartment’s living room into an altar, complete with icons and all the elements of a church. [Read more]

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