Review: Tent Of David

“I wish I were Jewish. I just love the Jewish people!”

When some Christians learn I am a Jewish believer, they begin to gush their love of of all things Jewish to me. Some have stories of beloved Jewish doctors or accountants. Others share their deep political allegiance to modern Israel. Still others believe that they may have had a Jewish relative who hid his or her identity in order to survive the Holocaust or duck anti-Semitism in this country.

Of this group, there are a few who’ve taken these feelings and translated them into some sort of action, perhaps attending a Messianic congregation and/or digging deep into Jewish roots study materials. The more they learn, the more frustrated many of these well-meaning people become at how the big “C” Church (and usually, whatever local congregation they may have attended in the past) has moved away from her Jewish roots. [Read more]

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