Pilgrim’s Road Trip #14 – On “Moving On”

We live as exiles. We’re called to be pilgrims.

I am journeying through Scripture, stopping at a few oases along the way, in order to contemplate our exile experience. I’ll also offer some helpful thoughts about how Christ can reshape that identity and reorient our journey so we live as pilgrims. To read earlier posts in the series, click here.

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If there’s a phrase I don’t understand, it’s “moving on”. When someone says “Survivors are rebuilding and moving on with their lives a year after the tornado destroyed their entire town”, or “She is moving on after the divorce”, the words almost always strike a dissonant note inside my head. I want the guy using the 95db leafblower 20 feet from my office window to ‘move on’.  I believe the notion of moving on wastes how God wants to use loss or transition in our lives. ‘Moving on’ is the language used of exiles, not pilgrims. [Read more]

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