Pilgrim’s Road Trip #13 – Caleb & Joshua’s New Specs

We live as exiles. We’re called to be pilgrims.

I am journeying through Scripture, stopping at a few oases along the way, in order to contemplate our exile experience. I’ll also offer some helpful thoughts about how Christ can reshape that identity and reorient our journey so we live as pilgrims. To read earlier posts in the series, click here.

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I value the vocation of visual artists. Their essential work jars us to look at the familiar in fresh, sometimes-arresting ways.

We see what we expect to see, unless someone comes and hands us a different set of lenses we can use to view the world.

Nowhere is this truth more evident than in the account in Numbers 13-14 when God told Moses to choose one leader from each of the twelve tribes to head into Canaan to do some reconnaissance work. [Read more]

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