Summer Reading Snapshots: What Are YOU Reading?

I am a sucker for a free book. I’ll admit it. If you click on the sidebar of this blog and look at my “categories” column, you’ll see that I’ve got a long-standing habit of reviewing books in order to feed my free book habit.

(You might be wondering if I’ve ever heard of a place called a library where I can get all the free books I want. Yes, I’ve heard of it, and the town in which I live has a really good one. I plan on stopping there today, in fact.)

It occurred to me that it’s been quite a long time since I got to choose most of my own reading material, as reviewing comp copies of a book means I am willingly placing myself on the book promotion timetable of an author or publisher. I don’t mind, because I really enjoy being a part of the conversation surrounding a new book when it releases.

But as a result, I haven’t spent much time reading what I most want to read. [Read more]

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