Sneak Peek: Guided Silent Retreat Invite

If you’re a woman living in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, watch this space for information about an upcoming guided silent retreat slated for the end of September. I’ll have an official flyer available after the 4th, but thought I’d give you a sneak peek today.

Date: Friday, September 27–Saturday, September 28

Place: Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford, IL. Each retreatant will have her own room and bathroom in this facility.

Cost: (still working on it – stay tuned).

Facilitators: Meg Kausalik and I. Meg is a gifted contemplative worship leader and my long-time prayer partner.

A guided silent retreat is time where we choose the spiritual discipline of silence in order make space to listen to the Lord, to rest, and to pray. We’ll gather periodically as a group for brief devotional times designed to focus us on the retreat’s theme, but much of the time will be on your own. We’ll offer you a variety of options you can use to shape your personal time with the Lord including Scriptures to read and contemplate, journaling assignments, prayer prompts and creation/nature observation.

We’ve chosen the theme of sanctuary for this retreat. Those of us who know the Lord cherish the words of his promises to be our hiding place, our shelter, our refuge.Yet those words of truth may not always jive with our own experience. Sometimes, it seems the storm rages around us – and sometimes, within us – and we aren’t sure how to find our way to safe harbor. We’ll focus on the meaning of His promise to be our hiding place and explore what might hinder us from finding sanctuary in Him.

If you’re interested in receiving a flyer or have some questions, click here to email me.

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