Pilgrim’s Road Trip #12: When The Compass Points At A Golden Calf

If you’ve ever been thrust into a disorienting new reality after years of a fairly predictable existence, the words of business author William Bridges may resonate with you:

When you moved into your new house, or got the promotion, or had the new baby, the change probably happened pretty fast. But that is just the external, situational change. Inwardly, the psychological transition happened much more slowly: instead of becoming a new person as fast as you changed outwardly, you found yourself struggling for a time in a state that was neither the old or the new. It was a kind of emotional wilderness, a time when it wasn’t quite clear who you were or what was real.*

Moses’s people had been crying out for change for generations, but when the change came, the people’s internal compass pointed backwards, toward Egypt. Maybe Egypt wasn’t exactly Eden, but the Israelites quickly developed a case of nostalgia for their old stomping grounds.

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