Does God Talk To Us? (“What Do I Really Believe?” Series)

One of the benefits of being a member of an online community like Patheos is that it gives us a chance to exchange ideas about faith, culture and more. Though most of us write collegially, side-by-virtual-side, we have occasional opportunities to interact with one another and with the diverse readers who visit the site. Patheos blogger have been invited to share our responses to one or any of the questions on this month’s “What Do I Really Believe?” landing page.

My answer to the question “Does God Talk To Us?” begins with a picture of a man I saw at a train station a few months ago. He was pacing back and forth along the tracks at the station, bouncing a red rubber ball in an irregular rhythm, and carrying on a very animated, completely disjointed conversation with himself. This interchange was punctuated intermittently with shrieks from the man, as if a third peson was attempting to interrupt the conversation.

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