A Plea: Listen To The Voice Of Grief

Last Friday, Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog ran my post entitled “Like Valerie Harper, We’re All Terminal“. In it, I contended that we in the Church talk a lot about eternal life, but we stink at helping each other deal with death. After I wrote the Valerie Harper post, but prior to it being published, I received a series of emails from a young ministry wife I’ll call “T”. I referenced her story briefly here.

Because of her life circumstances, “T” requested that I not share her name. In our correspondence, she sent me something she wrote that underscores the point of my post, but goes far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of writing. A few months after her baby died, after one insensitive comment too many poured acid on her raw grief, she penned the words below. [read more]

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