At The Table: A Reading For Two Voices

Once upon a time, I used to write a lot of readings for use during church services. Some of the pieces were meant to tell a story in a unique way, other readings were simply a creative division of a Biblical text that would allow a congregation to listen to familiar words with fresh ears because 2-5 voices proclaimed them.

This summer at our church, there was a call for the congregation to bring our “Living Psalms” to one another. Below, you’ll find my psalm, the first script I’ve written in a quite a while. If you know of a congregation interested in using this piece (about 1:30 in length), you’re welcome to share it with them with my blessing!
At The Table

This psalm, to be read by two people (Voice 1, a male reader and Voice 2, and female voice), is inspired by the parable of the banquet found in Luke 14:15-24. This piece would be suitable as an intro. to communion.

Voice 1: The world says I am not invited to its party.

Voice 2: There is no place card for me at its table.

Voice 1: The world says my name is Poor.

Voice 2: Crippled.

Voice 1: Blind.

Voice 2: Lame.

Voice 1: The world calls me Loser.

Voice 2: Awkward.

Voice 1: Burden.

Voice 2: Ugly.

Voice 1: Failure.

Voice 2: Disappointment.

Voice 1: Sinner.

Voice 2: The world’s labels have branded me.

Voice 1: The identity they gave me was as comfortable as an old pair of sweats…

Voice 2: And as ill-fitting as a prom dress three sizes too small.

Voice 1: Sometimes, when I dream at night I imagine a different name for myself.

Voice 2: Those dreams are the true desire of my heart, hopes I don’t dare to voice when the world has already pronounced its verdict over my life.

Voice 1: Heavenly Father, you authored my desire.

Voice 2: You gave me those dreams.

Voice 1: Yet in the cold florescent glare of the world’s light, those dreams seem nothing more than a hazy fantasy of my own invention.

Voice 2: When I heard about invitations going out to the best party of them all, I shrugged it off.

Voice 1: I wouldn’t be invited to an event like that.

Voice 2: Why would I be?

Voice 1: Never had been invited before.

Voice 2: Never dared to dream I would be today.

Voice 1: And then, there was a knock on my door.

Voice 2: And then, a kind messenger handed me an invitation.

Voice 1: My name engraved on the envelope.

Voice 2: It was the name I’d only dreamed of hearing from you, Lord.

Voice 1: Friend.

Voice 2: Others just like me…

Voice 1: Others who’d been wounded with labels like the one I wore…

Voice 2: …received invitations that day, too.

Voice 1: Their invitations had names like ‘son’.

Voice 2: ‘Daughter’.

Voice 1: ‘Holy’.

Voice 2: ‘Beloved’.

Voice 1: Father, these were the names you gave to us before we were even born.

Voice 2: While each one of us was still in our mother’s womb.

Voice 1: You, Lord, prepare a place at your table for us.

Voice 2: You, Lord, invite us to come to your table.

Voice 1: To revel in your presence.

Voice 2: To feast on your goodness.

Voice 1: To savor your mercy.

Voice 2: To be transformed by your grace.

Voice 1: And so, we respond to your invitation here in this place.

Voice 2: Grateful.

Voice 1: Humbled.

Voice 2: In awe of all you are and all you’ve done for us.

Voice 1: We say yes to your invitation with our new name on it.

Voice 2: We come to your table.

Voice 1: And as we do, we are fed…

Voice 2: …restored

Voice 1: …and renamed.
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