My dear friend and long-time prayer partner Meg and I both kept expressing the same thought to one another: “I could really use a silent retreat.” The thought of an uninterrupted block of time to simply listen to the Lord, to rest, to soak in the Word, to rest, to unplug, to rest..

Well, you get the idea.

We’d always imagined ministering together someday – she’s a woman of the Word and an amazing contemplative musician. But last fall, we talked about simply wanted to steal away from our regularly-scheduled (crammed!) lives to be with God.

And then, like a series of billboards on a highway, within a couple of weeks’ time, a handful of people unconnected to one another each expressed the same exact longing. “I could really use a silent retreat.”


Too many to be a coincidence. (No such thing, anyhow.) 

Meg and I visited one retreat house, and then I hit the net in search of a place where we could go – or where we might invite some of those hungry souls to join us. I found a place, we put the word out among those we knew, and this past weekend, ten women had a (mostly) silent retreat at the Siena Center in Racine. The retreat was a gift to Meg, to me…and I think, to the other eight women who participated. We ministered together, and the Lord ministered to all of us. Thanks be to God.

Yep. Silence is golden.

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